Workshop on Banking held for Asha students

A workshop on Banking was held on 16th February at the Asha headquarters by Priyadarshini Choudhary, Assistant Manager, Canara Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank. This insightful seminar was attended by 14 undergraduate Asha students pursuing various courses at Delhi University.

Priyadarshini initiated the session by speaking about the various roles a Bank officer undergoes once they pass the examination and secure a position at the Canara bank. To encourage the intrigued students, next she addressed the benefits of the job. These included various factors such as understanding of government policies, gaining a broader view, perks of the job, multitasking skills along with receiving respect in society to name a few.

Priyadarshini then shared insightful information about the ‘Officer Recruitment’ process which is generally categorized into a ‘Generalist Officer’ or a ‘Specialist Officer’. The application process along with the age, reservation quotas and recruitment examination marking were explained thoroughly. This was highly informative for the students as they were disoriented in this regard.


Next, she further shared some important pointers to take note of during the personal interview round. This was based on her personal experience and very helpful for the students to gain a better perspective. She also asked students to take note of some important websites and books that they can refer to when preparing for the exams. The session concluded by a long Q&A session in which the students addressed their concerns and queries and cleared all their doubts.

‘It has been a wonderful experience engaging with Asha students. The students were very bright and curious, they engaged me with queries that I was more than happy to address. Thank you for inviting me, this has been a learning experience for me as well’ said Priyadarshini.

We thank Priyadarshini for taking the time out and imparting her knowledge to Asha students. We are sure that this session has been very beneficial to the future bank officers of Asha.

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