Wipro visits Asha

A team of 12 from Wipro visited Asha Kalkaji slum to celebrate the festival of Holi with the Bal Mandal (Children Association) on 6th March. The Asha team gave a very warm welcome to the Wipro team and introduced them to the children’s group members. The children were very excited and upbeat to meet these professionals and interact with them.

The Bal Mandal (Children’s Group) members of Kalkaji slum consisting of 20 young initiated the event with singing songs, dance performances and recitals. The Wipro team spoke to the young children and interacted with them about the significance of the festival ‘Holi’ in India. They advised the children to play safe holi with their loved ones.

Furthermore, the Wipro team was encouraged by the young crowd to share a few talents of their own. They recited poems along with performing a classical Indian dance to entertain the children. Next, the team distributed some gifts and continued the festivities by celebrating holi. They coloured each other and the children with bright colours and danced away to some Bollywood beats.

The Wipro team ended their festivities by distributing some snacks for the children and wishing each of them personally a very ‘Happy and Prosperous Holi’! The team members thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home covered in bright colours and big smiles, cherishing the experience shared with the children for years to come.

Thank you, team Wipro for spreading joy and happiness in the Kalkaji community. We hope to see you again soon!