Let’s help the slum community celebrate Christmas this year

Here comes the Christmas season once again! It’s time to express our gratitude to our families and friends. All of us are gearing up and eagerly waiting for Christmas Day.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters and friends, because without them, Asha could never have achieved its goals and objectives, as well as a great thank you to all those in our Asha slum communities, who have not only helped us understand their needs, but have also ‘paid it forward’.

This Christmas time, we would like to acknowledge the support and assistance received from the Asha ambassadors and graduates from the slums. Their success and achievements have not only made us proud but have also helped a million others to idolize them and to fight for a better future. Many have very good jobs now and after work, they give of their spare time to help and advise the young people in the slums to meet their goals in life.

We are delighted to share this year’s Christmas Appeal with all of you.