News for Friends of Asha, October 2020

As the world comes together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Asha continues work in Delhi slums diligently by taking the right measures to stop the spread of this virus. Every decision taken currently is being guided by Asha’s long-standing commitment to deliver holistic care and development within all slum communities.

We bring to you the 87th edition of our newsletter HOPE.

In this issue, you would read about Rahnoor from Ekta Vihar slum community recall the worst night of her life during the lockdown. On the brink of starvation, Asha’s intervention at the correct time helped save Rahnoor and her child’s lives.

You will also read about the various health programs initiated by Asha’s COVID-19 Emergency Response that came into effect immediately after the first unlock in India. These programs assisted in rebuilding children and women weight growth after falling back into malnutrition, antenatal care and geriatric care, etc, which were the adverse effects of the pandemic.