Friends of Asha Ireland

Friends of Asha Ireland

Friends of Asha Ireland was set up to raise awareness and funds for Asha in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It can collect Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers, and supports groups of volunteers interested in spending time working with Asha.

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News and Events

Let’s help the slum community celebrate Christmas this year

The year 2020 has been so challenging for everyone, wherever they live, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the poor in the Delhi slum communities, it has been truly devastating. In the light of this we have had to respond in unprecedented ways, to prevent wholescale disaster and as a result our resources have been very stretched.

We attach our Christmas Appeal and hope you might be able to make a contribution to show these people they are not forgotten and to spread hope this winter time.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas,

Many thanks!

Christmas Appeal 2020


December 2020: Dander to Delhi virtual walk

Friends of Asha Ireland have taken a different route this year and have planned for a collaborative project to complete a virtual walk to Delhi! A distance of 4354 miles is the distance from Dander to Delhi. Read more. 






March 2020: Team from Holywood, Northern Ireland visits Asha

It was a week of fun and frolic for the Zakhira and Peeragarhi slum community when a team from Holywood, Northern Ireland visited Asha. From 2nd to 9th March 2020, the team of seven, led by Rev Gareth Harron volunteered at Asha, bringing excitement and joy in the lives of women and children. Read more. 










December 2019: Freddy and Tushar visit Northern Ireland

Freddy and Tushar continued their UK visit in Northern Ireland where they were welcomed warmly by many of their Asha family.  Tushar had already met many of the people who welcomed him to Northern Ireland as they had either heard him speak at the home of the British High Commissioner in India, Sir Dominic Asquith, met with him in Dr Kiran’s or visited in Mayapuri slum. Read more.










November 2019: Victoria Thampi and Valerie Alexander from Northern Ireland volunteer at Asha

We were delighted to host Victoria and Valerie from Northern Ireland who visited Asha. This duo held a series of CV
making and Job Interview tips sessions at Asha’s Seelampur, Peeragarhi, R.K Puram and Mayapuri Community in the last week of October. Read more.












November 2019: Methodist College volunteers at Asha

The month of October was full of excitement as many amazing teams visited and volunteered in different Asha community. A team from the Methodist College, Belfast, Northern Ireland volunteered at Asha’s Kalkaji slum community for more than 10 days. The team conducted activities with the children, college students and women of the community. Read more.










November 2019: Royal School Armagh visits Asha

We were delighted to have a team of 19 students and teachers from Northern Ireland’s Royal School Armagh, who spent 10 days in October volunteering in Asha’s Trilokpuri slum community. The team brought in wonderful energy at the centre and engaged the children and women with various craft and play activities. Read more.










November 2018: Mr Martin and Abhishek met supporters and Friends of Asha in the UK

The month of November was indeed a very fruitful month for Abhishek, an Asha Ambassador from Peeragarhi slum colony. He bagged the opportunity to represent Asha students and the work of Asha along with Mr Godfrey Martin, Associate Director of Asha to the United Kingdom. During their stay in Northern Ireland Mr. Martin and Asha Ambassador Abhishek visited various schools (Dunclug College and Wallace High School). Read more.










November 2018: A memorable rendezvous with the Wallace High School at Asha

This month has been excellent for Asha as amazing teams from the United Kingdom visited and served its slum dwellers. They not only brought joy to the Asha slums, but the beautiful gifts of smile and learning accompanied it. A team from the Wallace High School of Northern Ireland visited Asha’s Mayapuri slum community on October 26. The week turned out to be a pleasant fusion of fun and education. Read more.










November 2018: Dunclug college visits Asha

It was a week of fun and frolic for the Kusumpur Pahari slum community when a team from The Dunclug College, Northern Ireland visited us. This was their maiden visit to Asha. During their stay, they absolutely enthralled the children by narrating stories, conducting music and dance sessions and playing educational games with them. Read more.










May 2018: Britain’s Foreign Office Minister, Rt Hon Mark Field MP, visits Asha

We were honored to have Britain’s Foreign Office minister, Rt Hon Mark Field MP, visit Asha’s Kanak Durga slum community yesterday. Minister Field was received with much fervor by Dr. Kiran Martin, Founder, and Director, Asha, who welcomed the minister and the British High Commissioner in India, Sir Dominic Asquith KCMG, with traditional Indian garlands. Read more










March 2018

Desktop to Laptop: Methodist College Team Initiative on Computer Education in Asha’s Kalkaji Slum Community

The famous quote by Helen Keller reads, ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’’ stands very apt with respect to Asha’s work in the slums of Delhi. Thirty years back when Dr Kiran Martin witnessed the pathetic living conditions in the slums, she realized that there was a great need of a collective action to bring about long-term sustainable changes in the lives of these people.Read More








February 2018: Asha Turns 30

What an exciting and inspiring week of celebrations it

has been on the occasion of Asha completing its 30 years of service to Delhi slums in the month of February!

We were delighted to have our friends and supporters from across the globe to celebrate the thirty transformational years.We take this opportunity to thank each one of you for being a part of this wonderful journey. If not for your sincere support, achieving this milestone would have been impossible.

To mark the splendid thirty years of Asha’s work in Delhi slums, we had a week-long celebration of events starting from February 7 with the visit of HRH Prince Edward, Earl Of Wessex and concluding with the main event on February 10 that was received with much happiness and appreciation by everyone. Asha graduates Chandan and Dilip beautifully presented the evening to the gathering, leaving everyone impressed with their emceeing skills. Women, children and students from the slums shared their powerful stories of change touching the hearts of the people present.Videos showcased of Dr Kiran and Asha’s thirty years of work summed up the inspiring journey of thousands of lives that have been changed.

It gives us immense pleasure to share the updates and pictures of the events with you. Please click on the link below:

Celebration Of 30 Years Of Asha

February 2018

The team from Methodist College Belfast spreads joy in Asha’s Kalkaji Community

We were delighted to have a wonderful team of 4 teachers and 15 students from the Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland, who volunteered for 10 days at Asha’s Kalkaji Community centre in the month of February. Read More


January 2018: Newsletter Issue 77

Dear Friends,

We are glad to present to you our Newsletter Issue 88 for the year 2018. This year as Asha celebrates its 30 years of service to slum dwellers, we have special messages from our global friends of Asha. You will also read about Sanjan and Sahil’s heartwarming stories of change.

We have some interesting testimonies from our volunteers and the latest activities Asha has been busy with.

We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter as much as we have enjoyed writing it.

Click on to read more:

January 2018 Issue



October 2017: Newsletter Issue 76

Dear Friends,

It gives us great joy to keep you updated with the stories of change from our slum communities. In this  76th edition of our Newsletter, you will read about a young boy Jatin, who found a new life through Asha’s Healthcare Programme after having struggled for years with Tuberculosis.

Sumitra’s heart-wrenching story from Mayapuri slum community and her journey of finding happiness through her friends in Asha’s Mayapuri resource centre will inspire you.

You will also read about the experiences of our wonderful volunteers and other events that have kept us busy

Want to read more? Click here:

October 2017 Issue


November 2017: Ballymena Academy volunteers at Asha

We were delighted to have yet another group of talented and amazing 15 teachers and students from Ballymena Academy, Northern Ireland to volunteer at Asha’s Tigri slum community for a week’s time starting 25th October to 3rd of November. Read More

October 2017: Royal School Armagh volunteers at Asha

A team of 3 teachers and 14 students from Northern Ireland’s Royal Armagh school,  spent 10 days volunteering in Asha’s Trilokpuri slum community. Read More


July 2017: Newsletter Issue 75

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to introduce the 75th issue of our newsletter. Your support means a lot to us and it gives us immense joy to bring to you the latest developments from the Asha slum communities.

In this issue, you will be proud to hear about the achievements of Asha’s 2017 High School Batch. You will read about the inspirational journey of Hariom, a cobblers son who aced the High school exam with a whopping 90.75% and his future dream.

Also read about Gomti’s life changing experience after coming to Asha and Chandan’s exciting Uk trip along with Dr Kiran Martin.

Click to know more:

July 2017 Issue

March 2017:  Team Ballymena volunteers at Asha – We were delighted to have old supporters from Ballymena, Northern Ireland with us for about 2 weeks. From builders to homemakers, pastor to sports therapist-the team consisted of 14 people from all walks of lives who volunteered at different Asha centres, as well as the Asha Headquarter. Read more

November 2016: Team Rainey Endowed brings joy to Asha – It was a week of pure joy and fun for Asha’s Kusumpur Pahari centre when a team from Rainey Endowed School, Northern Ireland volunteered. Read more…

November 2016: Wallace High School volunteers at Asha – It was a matter of great joy for us to have had a team of fifteen members from Wallace High School, Northern Ireland volunteering with us at Asha’s Mayapuri centre for over a week, starting from 27th October. Read more… 

November 2016: Team from Methodist College volunteers at Asha – It is surely delightful to have volunteers who work round the clock for the betterment of the Asha slum communities. Recently we had a team of 16 people from Methodist College Belfast who volunteered with us at Kalkaji slum colony, for about a week starting from 24th October. Read more…

November 2016: Irish Ambassador hosts Asha and volunteer teams – It was an absolute delight to meet the Hon. Irish Ambassador, His Excellency Brian McElduff. Dr. Kiran, volunteer teams from Northern Ireland as well as Asha students were invited for a dinner at the Hon. Ambassador’s residence on November 03, 2016. Read more…

June 2016: Dr Kiran’s meeting with Ambassador of Ireland HE Brian McElduff – Dr Kiran met with Ambassador of Ireland HE Brian McElduff on 10th June and expressed her sincere gratitude. Read more…

February 2016: McClay Foundation visits Asha – Dr Kiran and the Asha team welcomed Colin Hayburn and Stephen Campbell from Mc Clay Foundation, Northern Ireland at Asha on February 24, 2016. The Foundation has been supporting Asha programmes for the past many years now. Read more… 

February 2016: Asha welcomes volunteer teams from Northern Ireland – It is always wonderful to have volunteers who work tirelessly for the betterment of Asha communities. During February 2016, two teams from Northern Ireland volunteered at Asha, bringing remarkable changes in the lives of the slum dwellers. Read more…

December 2015: Dr Kiran’s trip to Ireland – With much happiness we would like to let you know that Dr Kiran had a wonderful trip to Northern Ireland, recently. It was indeed a very fruitful visit, where she met some very inspiring individuals including many old and new Asha supporters. Read more…

November 2015: Royal School Armagh volunteers at Asha – It was great to have a team from Royal School Armagh with us. This was their first visit to Asha, and the students came up with some wonderful activities to engage with our children from Trilokpuri slum colony. Read more…

November 2015: Ballymena Academy volunteers with Asha for the fifth year – We are very grateful at Asha, for the incredible contributions Ballymena Academy, Northern Ireland has dedicated toward Tigri slum colony. This was the fifth team from Ballymena Academy to volunteer with Asha. Read more…

Kalkaji slum colony welcomes Methodist College: It was two weeks of fun and frolic for the children of Kalkaji slum colony when a team from Methodist College, Belfast worked there in February this year. Read more…

Irish Minister Damien English visits Asha: On 15th November 2014, the Irish Minister for Skills, Innovation and Research, Damien English TD, visited Asha’s Dr Ambedkar slum colony in RK Puram. Read more…

Irish Ambassador Hosts Dinner Reception for Asha Volunteers: On 29th October 2014, the Irish Ambassador HE Feilim McLaughlin hosted a dinner reception for the volunteer teams from Wallace High School from Lisburn and Rainey Endowed School from Magherafelt. Read more…

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Chairperson and National Coordinator, Friends of Asha (Ireland)
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