The American Society for Health for All (ASHA) is a registered charity in the USA. It collects funds on behalf of Asha, supports local fundraising events, and can give advice on ways in which you can help Asha.

ASHA USA is able to collect tax-deductible donations on behalf of Asha (please send a cheque payable to “American Society for Health for All” to Louanne Hempton at the address below).

News and Events

Let’s help the slum community celebrate Christmas this year

The year 2020 has been so challenging for everyone, wherever they live, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the poor in the Delhi slum communities, it has been truly devastating. In the light of this we have had to respond in unprecedented ways, to prevent wholescale disaster and as a result our resources have been very stretched.

We attach our Christmas Appeal and hope you might be able to make a contribution to show these people they are not forgotten and to spread hope this winter time.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas,

Christmas Appeal 2020


June 2020: ASHA USA organize the first Virtual Fundraiser to raise funds for Asha

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, Sacramento Chapter of ASHA-USA organized the Virtual Fundraiser, the first of its kind on June 27, 2020. Read more.









February 2020: Team from River New York volunteer at Asha

John and Sara and the team from River New York visited Jeevan Nagar slum. They have been visiting Asha’s Jeevan Nagar community regularly since 2014. Read more.












February 2020: Long-time supporters, Dr Praveen and Nalini Prasad visit Asha

Asha’s long-time supporters in Sacramento USA, Dr. Praveen and Nalini Prasad and their friend TJ visited Asha in January for two days. Dr. Nalini spearheads Asha’s fundraiser in Sacramento for the last many years. Read more.








September 2019: Asha Day 2019 at Sacramento

Dr Kiran, Founder and Director of Asha was hosted by Friends of Asha Sacramento who organized the Asha Day beautifully at the DoubleTree Hilton in Sacramento, USA. Read more.









September 2019: Asha Day 2019 at Napa

In the month of September, there were numerous Asha Events held in the west coast of the USA. These events hosted Dr Kiran, Founder and Director of Asha. Read more.








April 2019: GLOBAL ASHA MEET 2019

In a first of its kind unique and interactive meeting was held at Asha’s Mayapuri slum centre where Board Members and other important functionaries from Friends of Asha across UK, Northern Ireland, USA and Australia participated. Read more.








December 2018: Dr Praveen Prasad, sharing smiles at Asha

Dr Praveen Prasad (MD, Neurosurgeon at Mercy Medical Group & Director at Dignity Health Neurosciences Institute, Sacramento, USA), visited Asha on December 14th, 2018. Read more.








October 2018: The United Methodist team visits Asha

Asha’s Tigri slum community centre turned into a happy playground with the veritable bedlam of chirruping produced by the tiny tots and the team of eight from the United States (USA) for about a week. Read more.








October 2018: Asha events at Sacramento, USA

The Friends of Asha Sacramento, USA, hosted an event in the presence of Dr Kiran, founder and director of Asha with great fervour and enthusiasm at Double Tree by Hilton on Saturday, Oct 13.  Read more.








September 2018: Asha Events at East Coast, USA

In a series of wonderful celebrations overseas, the Asha family paved its way straight to the heart of people living in Boston and New York this month. Steve Watson and his skilful team organized Asha Day at Reservoir on September 15. Read more.







September 2018: Asha Day 2018 and the other Events at Napa Valley

In the month of September, there were numerous Asha Events held on the west coast of the USA. These events hosted Dr Kiran, Founder and Director of Asha along with an Asha graduate. Read more.









March 2018: Team Reservoir’s Asha Visit

We were delighted to have our long-time supporter, Reservoir Church from the US visit Asha in the month of February. The team consisted of Steve Watson, Senior pastor of Reservoir, his daughter Juliana and five eminent members of Doctors and specialists. Read more.








March 2018: Team River’s 30th-year celebration with Asha

Asha’s 30th-year celebration was truly an amazing experience as we had with us our long-term supporters and friends from across the globe to celebrate the special occasion. To represent the Friends of Asha (USA) for the 30th year celebration, we were pleased to have our ardent supporter, Team River with us for a week. Read More



February 2018: Asha Turns 30

What an exciting and inspiring week of celebrations it has been on the occasion of Asha completing its 30 years of service to Delhi slums in the month of February!

We were delighted to have our friends and supporters from across the globe to celebrate the thirty transformational years.We take this opportunity to thank each one of you for being a part of this wonderful journey. If not for your sincere support, achieving this milestone would have been impossible.

To mark the splendid thirty years of Asha’s work in Delhi slums, we had a week-long celebration of events starting from February 7 with the visit of HRH Prince Edward, Earl Of Wessex and concluding with the main event on February 10 that was received with much happiness and appreciation by everyone. Asha graduates Chandan and Dilip beautifully presented the evening to the gathering, leaving everyone impressed with their emceeing skills. Women, children and students from the slums shared their powerful stories of change touching the hearts of the people present. Videos showcased of Dr Kiran and Asha’s thirty years of work summed up the inspiring journey of thousands of lives that have been changed.

It gives us immense pleasure to share the updates and pictures of the events with you. Please click on the link below:

Celebration Of 30 Years Of Asha

January 2018: Newsletter Issue 77

Dear Friends,

We are glad to present to you our Newsletter Issue 88 for the year 2018. This year as Asha celebrates its 30 years of service to slum dwellers, we have special messages from our global friends of Asha. You will also read about Sanjan and Sahil’s heartwarming stories of change.

We have some interesting testimonies from our volunteers and the latest activities Asha has been busy with.

We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter as much as we have enjoyed writing it.

Click on to read more:

January 2018 Issue

October 2017: Newsletter Issue 76

Dear Friends,

It gives us great joy to keep you updated with the stories of change from our slum communities. In this  76th edition of our Newsletter, you will read about a young boy Jatin, who found a new life through Asha’s Healthcare Programme after having struggled for years with Tuberculosis.

Sumitra’s heart-wrenching story from Mayapuri slum community and her journey of finding happiness through her friends in Asha’s Mayapuri resource centre will inspire you.

You will also read about the experiences of our wonderful volunteers and other events that have kept us busy

Want to read more? Click here:

October 2017 Issue


July 2017: Newsletter Issue 75

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to introduce the 75th issue of our newsletter. Your support means a lot to us and it gives us immense joy to bring to you the latest developments from the Asha slum communities.

In this issue, you will be proud to hear about the achievements of Asha’s 2017 High School Batch. You will read about the inspirational journey of Hariom, a cobblers son who aced the High school exam with a whopping 90.75% and his future dream.

Also read about Gomti’s life changing experience after coming to Asha and Chandan’s exciting Uk trip along with Dr Kiran Martin.

Click to know more:

July 2017 Issue

September 2016: 16th Asha Day at Napa Valley – On August 27, 2016, the 16th annual Asha Day was celebrated with great joy at the Jamieson Ranch, Napa Valley. The event was generously hosted by Congressman Mike Thompson and his wife Janet. Read more…

September 2016: Babita shares her journey at the Kiwanis Club in Napa Valley – Asha’s Associate Director Freddy Martin and Asha student, Babita were invited at the Kiwanis Club, Napa Valley – a long-standing supporter of Asha. The Club’s priority is to assist the youth and seniors of the community in two primary ways: by community giving and by performing direct community service. Read more…

September 2016: Vintage High School, USA hosts Freddy Martin – During Freddy’s recent USA trip in August 2016, he addressed a group of bright young boys and girls at Vintage High School, Napa, a fully accredited school with a wide range of academic offerings, athletic opportunities, and student activities. Read more…

September 2016: Freddy’s visit to the schools in USA – Asha’s Associate Director, Mr Freddy Martin recently completed his trip to the USA. During his visit, he met many old and new Asha supporters and spoke about Asha’s work at various events. Read more…

February 2016: Team from New York visits Asha Slum Communities – The Asha team and community at Jeevan Nagar were delighted to welcome John and Sara Furste along with Mandy Hildenbrand and Mark Morsfield from the River Church, New York, USA during February 2016. Read more…

February 2016: American Embassy School visits Asha – The American Embassy School, New Delhi hosted Asha’s Associate Director, Freddy Martin and Student Ambassador, Ved Prakash on February 25, 2016. The school has been associated with Asha since the past many years now, and have been visiting Asha each year. Read more…

January 2016: Team from California spends a week at Tigri – It was a matter of great joy for us to have had a team of seven members from United Methodist Church, Davis, California this week. The team was led by Alex who has been bringing teams out annually for the past many years. Read more…

September 2015: 15th Asha Day at Napa Valley – Nearly 200 Asha supporters came together to celebrate Asha Day on August 29th at Hall Winery in Napa Valley, California. The event was hosted by the Congressman of the District, Mike Thompson and his wife Jan Thompson. Read more…

September 2015: Long time Asha supporters organise fundraiser – A delightful couple Dr Praveen and Dr Nalini Prasad hosted an Asha event at their beautiful home in Sacramento, and invited family and friends to attend. Dr Praveen is a neurosurgeon and Dr Nalini a primary care physician. Read more…

September 2015: Dr Kiran’s trip to the USA – Dr Kiran is presently visiting the USA to strengthen ties with old Asha supporters and to meet with many new ones. Asha supporters welcomed Dr Kiran very warmly and were actively involved in organizing her trip including the annual ASHA Day at Napa Valley, California. Read more…

November 2014: 14th annual Asha Day in Napa Valley – On 8th November 2014, supporters in California held the 14th annual Asha Fundraiser at the beautiful Hall Winery in Napa Valley. Organised with a view to spread awareness and raise funds for the work of Asha, the event was attended by long-time supporters of Asha along with many new friends. Read more…

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