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How we help

We tackle all the issues that can keep slum dwellers trapped in poverty

How we make a difference to slum dwellers

Our programmes help slum residents gain access to healthcare, financial services and education, and make it possible for them to make long-term, positive changes to their lives. See how we make a difference.


The virus has been devastating in the slums, where the inhabitants, weakened by lack of food through no work, have been very vulnerable and unable to isolate themselves from others.


Asha works to motivate and empower people, giving them the confidence and ability to work together and influence their fellow slum residents, council officials, police, school authorities and others.


Asha provides textbooks, sample papers, career advice and help with university applications that make a college education an option – something that was unthinkable before.


Asha makes slums safer places to live by helping residents stay healthy and get access to water, toilets, paved roads, street lighting and other amenities, clean water and sanitation.

Financial inclusion

We enable slum dwellers to open bank accounts with zero balance and can benefit from loans at favourable rates, enabling them to greatly increase their incomes and improve their quality of life.


Help slum residents receive the benefits of healthcare provided by Asha: community-based health centres or mobile clinics, providing a higher level of healthcare, and links with local hospitals.

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Asha’s Mission is to work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life.