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IT Labs

In many slums we have set up IT Labs to give children and students access to computers and the internet.

This can be a conduit for education and learning the skills necessary to be able to work in non-manual labour.

IT Labs in the pandemic

Due to the pandemic, the entire school and college education landscape shifted to online platforms which presented a huge challenge for the slum students as they lacked the necessary infrastructure and internet connectivity.

Asha‘s Founder and Director came up with an innovative long term strategy of developing IT Labs across the Asha Centres. This meant that the school and college students, as well as young adults pursuing skill development and job-oriented courses, could utilize these facilities and their academic and professional career was not disrupted.

The IT Labs had the best infrastructure: advanced laptops, high-speed internet connectivity, supporting equipment, dedicated staff, and proper sitting arrangements for students to pursue their academics. Students completed their assignments and projects, as well as appeared for online examination using these new facilities.

By March 2021, IT labs were operational in Mayapuri and Zakhira, with more centres planned for later in the year. Presently, we have 6 labs operational in Mayapuri, Zakhira, Kalkaji, Kusumpur Pahari, Chanderpuri, Seelampur.

we have set up IT Labs to give children and students access to computers and the internet

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Asha’s Mission is to work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life.

Asha India - children on the slum streets