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Paying it forward

Asha’s Paying It Forward Programme 

The Pay it Forward Programme is a unique concept in which the students from the Asha slum communities who have benefitted from Asha’s support act as volunteers in their respective communities.

They become role models for other children and adolescents. They help them in their studies, motivate and counsel them and inspire them with their own examples as to how they have changed their lives through education.

They practice the concept of “Pay it Forward” in their respective communities and help promote education as a key to escaping the grip of poverty. The Asha ambassadors work with parents, families and the community, showing how important education is for their children. It will enable them to write their own destiny, giving respect and dignity.

It can move them out of the vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation.

Asha students become role models for other children and adolescents

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Asha’s Mission is to work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life.

Asha India - children on the slum streets