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Asha India – 35 years old

Celebrating the past, transforming the future

Asha India 35th Anniversary logo

The last 5 years have been some of the hardest and yet most rewarding we have had so far.

Together we have battled the Covid-19 pandemic with all the crises and new interventions that entailed on the one hand; we have seen the International Higher Education Programme flourish on the other, with two very significant “firsts”: Chandan, our first PhD student doing research at the University of Melbourne and Mohini, the first girl from the slums to travel abroad studying in Brisbane.

These achievements are just notable highlights that top decades of hard work by the whole Asha team.

Help move Asha towards its next five years

Please share our vision to bring hope to the poorest of the poor.

Looking forward with anticipation

Looking forward, there are exciting possibilities and potential before us. Whilst we have done a lot, there is still much to be done. For this 35th year, we have set some goals that we would like everyone to fundraise for, so we can expand our reach even more.

Specifically, there are 3 areas of funding that we need your help with:

1. New mobile vans

We want to purchase 4 new medically equipped mobile vans. These are needed to expand our medical presence in new slum areas where we don’t have a centre, and where there is a great need.

These 4 vans will cost a total of US$260,000/ £200,000/ AU$400,000 to buy and staff for the first year.

2. New IT Resources

We want to create new IT Labs in at least four more of our centres. We also have a raft of laptops across the Asha centres that need replacing as they are out of date or worn out from heavy use.

We think we will need US$90,000/ £70,000/ AU$130,000 to equip and resource the centres properly and recruit the necessary staff to run them.

3. Expanding the “Love & Lunch” elderly programme

There are just so many needy and lonely elderly people in the communities. We want to expand our Love & Lunch programme, so many more can be given daily nutritious meals and the social and medical support they need.

We would like to raise US$40,000/ £30,000/ AU$60,000 to support this work.

This total of US$400,000/  £300,000/ AU$600,000 is on top of the regular budget requirements of our work.

We hope to use the 35th Anniversary as a focus for fundraising around the world to raise this money. Together we can yet again step-change what Asha can achieve.

Please become a supporter of Asha and plan special fundraising events in November this year, as part of a year long global fundraising campaign.

Love & lunch – Asha India
Asha India – 35 years old
Asha India – 35 years old

Individuals can have coffee mornings, curry nights etc, which will also simultaneously help raise funds.

Through your religious links, schools, corporates or just your network of friends and family, some wider reaching creative events can also happen. With imagination and some planning, events can happen throughout November all around the world.

If we all work to fundraise and spread awareness together, we have the best hope of reaching our goals.

Children in Asha slums grow up aware of their right to an education

We need your help

I hope you feel inspired by the challenge to move Asha towards its next five years with vigour, passion and optimism.

Please share our vision to bring hope to the poorest of the poor. Let’s together relish celebrating all that we have achieved so far and look forward to the continued transformation ahead!

Messages from all over the world on Asha completing 35 years

Appreciating Asha’s Inspiring Commitment to the Underprivileged

Appreciating Asha’s Inspiring Commitment to the Underprivileged

Dear Kiran, What an inspiration you are as you continue passionately working for the poor!The first time I met you was in 2008 when you visited Rainey Endowed, the very first students from the slum communities you had just gained university admission. You were brimful of joy, a pleasure to witness, and your impact on our students.I’m sure every year has brought challenges and none more so than the last few, but you, Freddy and your Asha teams are tireless in overcoming challenge after challenge. I have loved being part of the Asha family. Pearl Donnelly-Rainey Endowed, Northern Ireland

A Testimonial of Friendship and Support

A Testimonial of Friendship and Support

Kiran to you and your team, what great achievements! I feel privileged to have shared some of this time with you all; here’s to many new years of friendship, support and Love.David Finch, chair of Friends of Asha, Great Britain

Please give now

Asha’s Mission is to work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life.

Children in the slums of India