Inspirational Reflections on life – Dr Kiran Martin

Dr Kiran's reflections

The Asha values are an expression of individual and community transformation, along with social justice. These also form the core of human values, and reflect the contemporary notions of human rights, civil society, and governance. Through a practical expression of these values, Asha aims to provide access to holistic community-based healthcare, education, environmental improvements and financial services to some of the world’s poorest communities.

Dr Kiran believes that beyond the improvements to circumstances that come about through the Asha programmes, these set of values bind us together – they define our identity and that of our communities. The document talks about Asha values as an inspiration for each month of the year.

Inspirational Reflections on life – by Dr Kiran Martin

Dr Kiran Martin’s Profile

Dr Kiran's Profile

The founder and director of Asha, Dr Kiran Martin leads and inspires an organisation that has transformed the lives of countless slum dwellers in Delhi. She has devoted her entire working life for improving the lives of slum dwellers, and is today recognised internationally as a visionary leader in urban health and justice. Her insight, empathy and determination have brought supporters and volunteers from all parts of the world, who in turn have taken her vision of hope and transformation back into their communities.

This document features Dr Kiran’s endeavours in transforming lives across the slums of Delhi.

Dr Kiran Martin’s Profile

Asha: Hope and Transformation in the Slums of Delhi

Asha Community Health and Development Society, is Asha Hope and Transformation in the Slums of Delhirenowned internationally for its contributions to equity and well-being among the 500,000 slum residents reached by its multi-sectoral programme in Delhi. Australia India Institute in partnership with the Nossal Institute for Global Health conducted a research to document Asha’s program content and its impact on health and well-being in the slum communities. The monograph “Asha: Hope and Transformation in the Slums of Delhi” (2011) is a good resource for the understanding of sustainable urban health and development.

Asha: Hope and Transformation in the slums of Delhi