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Shiv Kumar: Sailing through the difficulties in his life

Shiv Kumar: Sailing through the difficulties in his life

Those who have courage and zeal, do not seek excuses!

Justifying the maxim, Shiv Kumar Yadav won the war on poverty with his determination and Asha’s help. The poverty, that once held fortified positions at his abode, is now on the verge of an end. Presently, Shiv is holding the position of an Assistant Manager in the Kingdom of Dreams (Gurugram).

Dwelling in the D-27 Bhoomiheen Camp, Kalkaji from past 30 years, Shiv has seen ups and down in life. Little Shiv could barely crawl when he joined Asha’s Bal Mandal (Children’s Association) years ago. At the age of 12, he was appointed as the President of Bal Mandal. As the years passed by, the brilliant champ grew up to be responsible and humble following the Asha values. His determination and consistency in attending every single workshop conducted at the Asha centre would leave the Team Leaders and Supervisors surprised each time. Not only he benefitted himself but also brought his juniors to the centre and taught them well.

His potential grabbed him a job at Asha’s Kusumpur Pahari centre in the year 2008. Dr Kiran (Founder and Director) also helped him get a mentor, Mr Rajesh (a Radio Jockey at FM Rainbow). It was when he decided to pursue a course to learn animation. However, the sudden thought of poverty at home popped up in his mind and he decided to drop the idea.

But Asha didn’t let his dream die.

He took a loan of ₹ 1, 81, 000 with the help of Asha and got him registered at a well-known Animation school. He toiled hard at Asha while pursuing the two-year course side by side. After receiving the degree, he joined a studio as a Sound Engineer and worked there for about 4 years.

Shiv never stopped dreaming for better.

In the year 2016, he joined the Kingdom of Dreams and recently got promoted to the post of an Assistant Manager. Also, he has repaid the major amount from the loan back to the bank.
Shiv has set an example for all of us to get inspired enough to shape our future better.

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