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Sonu’s life is an example of how hard work always pays

Sonu’s life is an example of how hard work always pays

Success needs nothing but hard work and determination. This has been recently proved by Sonu, who is the first generation from his family to do a white-collar job. “Presently I am working as a Laboratory Technician, but my life was not at all like this”, says emotional Sonu.

Sonu’s family migrated to the Jeevan Nagar slum colony in search of better opportunities. His father started working as a vegetable vendor. He was the only earning member of the family when Sonu was growing up and his meagre income was not enough to sustain the family of four.Sonu’s life is an example of how hard work always pays

A humble guy, Sonu has always been the soft-spoken one. He has been associated with Asha since he was five. He says how coming to Asha slowly changed his thought process and how Asha was an escape route from all the troubles. “I owe a lot to Asha, because of them I got to experience a world so much better than the slum. A world where there are opportunities for people like me and where there is hope.”

Sonu completed his schooling from a nearby government school. Asha guided him to enrol in a Diploma course in lab technician from the Institute of Public Health & Hygiene Mahipalpur, New Delhi in 2017.


He did his internship in the O2 Pathology lab where he worked with dedication and was later offered a job as a Laboratory Technician. Sonu wants to give back to his community in every possible way. “Thank you, Asha, for pulling youngsters like me out from misery and instilling hope once again in our lives “, smiles Sonu.