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    "Brave is the one who smiles in poverty"

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    Asha has made slum children believe it is possible to dream.

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    Around 700,000 slum residents' lives are being changed.

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    Over 2000 slum kids are studying in top universities in Delhi.

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    We believe that all human beings are born free and are equal.

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    "Overcoming poverty is an act of Justice"

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    Imagine a world without poverty. Help make that a reality.

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    The simplest way for you to help Delhi’s slum dwellers.

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    Tackling issues of urban poverty in Delhi.

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    Mobilizing professionals to use their skills and resources.

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    Identifying, recruiting and supporting volunteers to work in Delhi. Over 2,500 volunteer network.

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    A healthy and blissful life isn’t a luxury, it’s a right


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Anything that you can give will make a difference. This is the simplest way for you to help Delhi’s slum dwellers.

Asha is working relentlessly towards bringing holistic development in the urban slums of Delhi. We’ll ensure that whatever you can afford will be put to the best possible use and give even more people hope for a better future.

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If you are an Indian citizen, avail 50% tax exemption on your donation to Asha under section 80G 

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See how every Rupee makes a difference

Protecting Health

₹ 1700 – vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus
and pertussis for five children

₹ 4000 – basic health education for 1,000 people

₹ 6800 – Vitamin A supplements to prevent night blindness for 60 children

₹ 10800 – recovery treatment for 10 TB patients

Promoting Education

₹ 6800 – one year of books for one child

₹ 10400 – college preparation for 30 children

₹ 21300 – one year of university tuition fees for one student

₹ 41500 – one year of university expenses for one student

Give a regular gift

You can become a Hope Giver by donating to us on a regular basis. A regular gift is the most effective way to support Asha as it reduces administration and helps us to plan ahead. Even the amount you would pay for a newspaper each day can help slum dwellers transform their lives. Click on the flag of your country below to begin the process of making a regular donation.

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