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Mentoring makes a difference

Asha’s Mentorship Programme

The Asha Mentorship Programme matches college students with professionals in Delhi who provide advice, guidance and leadership as the students embark on their academic and career journeys.

This pioneering initiative was launched in March 2012, and ever more professionals are joining as mentors. They are matched to mentees according to the educational qualifications and work experience of the mentor, and the college course and career aims of the student.

Through their mentors, students gain confidence, learn about work life and are able to meet other professionals. Amit from Kalkaji is now employed in a good company with the help of his mentor.

We also provide opportunities for students to attend workshops and events where they can meet top Human Resource managers from multinational companies and receive expert advice on topics such as interview skills and career selection.

Asha is always looking for new mentors to join the team. If you are based in Delhi, and are interested in finding out more, please email

Neha and Mehzabeen with Lousie (Netherlands)
Neha and Mehzabeen with Lousie (Netherlands)

A mentor making a difference

A mentor-mentee relationship can be a powerful force for change. Last year Asha’s Internship Launch brought Ben and Rakesh together to make this happen. At first Rakesh found it hard to talk to Ben, who is from the British High Commission, but steadily this began to change as they got to know each other. Ben was able to support and advise Rakesh in many ways including some presentations Rakesh had to give during his internship with Macquarie. They also shared an interest in running and both took part in marathons in Delhi.

They talked together about the possibility of starting up a business and visited cafes and restaurants to explore these ideas. Rakesh is from a large family. He is the first among his 5 brothers and 4 sisters to study at a university. His father died 13 years ago, leaving his family vulnerable. His brothers work as gardeners to support the family. They have been supportive of their brother Rakesh although his life has led to very different opportunities, first winning a place at University and then experiencing Internships in prestigious organisations such as the Australian High Commission and Macquarie Global Services.

Rakesh has been grateful for time spent with his Mentor Ben. This is about to change as Ben will be returning to the UK. Ben knew Rakesh would find this change hard and has given him a gift of a book called ‘The Intelligent Investor’, which Rakesh calls ‘The Bible of the Stock Market’. Rakesh was delighted with this gift. But Rakesh will not be left without a Mentor. Ben has passed that role on to James, his colleague from the British High Commission, who will continue to support Rakesh. Ben too hopes to stay in close touch with Rakesh and they may even run another marathon together in the future.

Rakesh with James and Ben
Rakesh with James and Ben

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Asha’s Mission is to work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life.

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