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    "Brave is the one who smiles in poverty"

  • India Donations 01

    Asha has made slum children believe it is possible to dream.

  • India Donations 02

    Around 700,000 slum residents' lives are being changed.

  • India Donations 03

    Over 2000 slum kids are studying in top universities in Delhi.

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    We believe that all human beings are born free and are equal.

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    "Overcoming poverty is an act of Justice"

  • Great Britain Donations 02

    Imagine a world without poverty. Help make that a reality.

  • Great Britain Donations 03

    The simplest way for you to help Delhi’s slum dwellers.

  • USA Donations 01

    Tackling issues of urban poverty in Delhi.

  • USA Donations 02

    Mobilizing professionals to use their skills and resources.

  • USA Donations 03

    Identifying, recruiting and supporting volunteers to work in Delhi. Over 2,500 volunteer network.

  • Ireland Donations 04

    A healthy and blissful life isn’t a luxury, it’s a right


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