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Help fundraise for Asha

We’re always grateful for any funds that can be raised on our behalf. Whether you are organising a concert or running a marathon, your profits or sponsorship can make a real difference to people in the slums of Delhi. Fundraising at public occasions has the additional benefit of allowing other people to hear about Asha and its work.

Set up an online fundraising page

Once you’ve thought of something to do, our online fundraising options can make collecting money for your efforts really easy.  Just set up a fundraising page through one of the sites below and email the link to all your friends and family.
Anyone with debit or credit card can support you, wherever they are in the world!

Sponsored events

There are all sorts of things you could do to raise funds for Asha!
Sponsored events are a great way of raising money. You could be sponsored to not do something for 24 hours (speak, eat, smoke etc) or for doing something continuously (singing, chess-playing, walking). Sporty people could do a sponsored swim, run or cycle ride, or more adventurous people could do a bungee jump, skydive or climb a mountain – there are unlimited possibilities!

Simplify your life

If you sell anything on online auction site such as eBay, hold a yard sale or a car boot sale, you could pass the profit on to Asha. If you’re selling items in person, make sure that people know that the proceeds are going to a very worthy cause and buyers will be less likely to haggle over the price!

Donate directly to Asha

To give funds directly to Asha, visit our online donation gateway and click on “Become an activist” to set up your own Asha fundraising page. You can also give through Friends of Asha groups; for Great Britain can be found here

Fundraising in schools

Some of our supporters have had great success in raising money in schools. Perhaps your school decides to support a different charity every year – if so, you could ask them to consider Asha next time they choose one. Other people have asked primary school children to bring in a small amount of money each, and they have also drawn pictures and written letters for children in our slum areas. The children are overjoyed to receive these things, and it can often lead to ongoing links between schools and slum areas, with the children learning a lot from each other.

Be sociable!

Find a venue that you can use free of charge and then have a barbeque, a themed evening or just a party and charge people to attend. You could hold a raffle at the same time and raise even more money.

Please give now

Asha’s Mission is to work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life.

Asha India - children on the slum streets