A hearing aid restored his joy

A hearing aid restored his joy

During the summer of 2007, Narendra’s body temperature shot up all of a sudden.

10-year-old Narendra, a dweller of Asha’s Anna Nagar slum community, was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. His fever kept on rising. Narendra was admitted into an Intensive Care Unit for more than a week. A fainted Narendra was injected and fed with the medicines, but it couldn’t cure his sickness completely.

He recovered after some days. However, he was kept under observation in the hospital for some-time. Thinking it to be a casual fever, his parents didn’t dig in much as the temperature also started going down. But soon, he developed an abnormal pain in his ears.

Once Narendra, who was lying on a hospital bed, received a call from his uncle who wanted to know his whereabouts. “I couldn’t hear what my Uncle was answering. First, I thought it to be momentary but even after putting down the phone, I realized a hearing loss. I couldn’t feel my own voice while responding to my mother,” said Narendra.

Doctors couldn’t understand the reason and thought it would soon fix. Henceforth, he was discharged from the hospital. “I remember the initial days after coming back from the hospital. Whosoever came to visit me, I pretended like I was doing fine. Most of the time, I would blabber and NOT ANSWER, and the reason was, I could not hear the actual discussion going on around me. I didn’t want them to know I wasn’t able to hear,” he added further. For twelve long years, Narendra suffered his hearing loss. Narendra used to be silent in his school most of the time.

He was an active member of the Bal Mandal (Children’s Association) Asha. He used to participate in all the activities at the Asha centre like others of his age. But whenever his friends applauded him, shared smiles with him or cheered for him, he never actually heard it. During his entire childhood, he felt that void.

But then, the book of his life turned another page!

In the month of February, as part of a team from the Reservoir (USA), Dr Daniel (an Audiologist) came to volunteer at Asha for a week.

Dr Daniel (an Audiologist) met Narendra and started his treatment. Narendra received a new brand hearing aid the following day and now, he is capable to hear all the noises and silence swirling around him. “I never thanked God enough but now. I don’t know how to express but I think the day I got this little device, was the best day of my life,” signed off a 22-year-old happy Narendra.

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