Asha Events at Napa Valley

Asha Events at Napa Valley

In the month of September, there were numerous Asha Events held in the west coast of the USA. These events hosted Dr Kiran, Founder and Director of Asha along with an Asha graduate.

Here are the glimpses of all the events held at Napa Valley:

Asha Day was celebrated at Napa Valley-Friends of Asha in California on September 8 this year. Congressman Mike Thompson and his wife Jan Thompson were the moderators at the event while Rita Bresee, daughter of Mr Kailash Chaudhary, was the chief organizer.

Usha, an Asha graduate turned a Hindi journalist with The Hindustan Times, shared her inspirational journey with Asha leaving the audience awestruck. They all praised how a person from slums in a metro city overcame hurdles and challenges to achieve success and happiness.

The event was followed by a silent auction of indigenous handicraft items with a beautiful dinner night in the end.

Kiwanis club Napa has been supporting Asha for the past 20 years, and it gave Dr Kiran and Usha great joy to be invited by them once again. Usha shared her story beautifully and Dr Kiran thanked them for their long years of support.


Dr Kiran and Usha were interviewed by the well-known anchor of KVON radio Ira Smith. KVON invites Dr Kiran every year to share the Asha story that a large number of Napans are now familiar with. Usha, who regularly interviews well-known personalities as a part of her job, was excited to be interviewed on radio for the very first time!


Dr Kiran and Usha speaking to high school students of Valley Oak School in Napa. Her story was received with much enthusiasm by the students, who are enrolled here to make up for the credits they need to graduate.


Dr Kiran and Usha were invited to address the students of Chamberlain School, a special school for children with court dates who have this one last chance to study and succeed in getting a high school diploma. They listened to Usha with rapt attention, many of them sharing some of the challenges she has faced, sharing the same fears and anxieties, and harsh living conditions. It was wonderful to see the support and mentoring the school teachers were giving these students.


Dr Kiran and Usha speaking to the Boys and Girls Scouts after school program in Napa.



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