Asha stands strong by Saif

Asha stands strong by Saif

“I never thought that a little pain and fever can turn out to be so dangerous. Since last month, I have not been able to go out to work. I am diagnosed with TB again after eleven years.” Mohd. Saif.

18-year-old Saif lives in Asha’s slum community Zakira with his parents, seven siblings and his niece. Saif, son of a scrap dealer discontinued his studies to contribute to his family’s income. He started helping his elder brother in a shoe factory.

But last month he woke up to a very high fever and back pain, but this was no ordinary fever. After visiting the doctor and a few tests, hell broke for him. Soon Asha came to his rescue, they guided him to go for the proper check-up, as they did when he was first diagnosed at the age of 7.

He thought it was the end of his fight, but TB came back to him as a nightmare. Asha again stands strong by him, providing him with every help he needs in this phase of his life. Saif too is strong, even being pricked with needles every day as he wants to recover fast.

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