Asha’s Healthcare Programme giving a new lease of life

Asha’s Healthcare Programme giving a new lease of life

Sushma, a young mother of two daughters from Trilokpuri slum community works as a helper at different houses to support the family. Her husband, an alcoholic is often out of work, that forced Sushma to work till last months of her pregnancy. She didn’t have time to go for regular antenatal check-ups nor take proper care of her diet. She grew very weak and was hospitalised many times in between.

When Asha’s community health volunteer, Haseena Begum got to know of this case, she immediately rushed to intervene. Sushma was accompanied to the hospital visits to ensure she received proper care.

As a result, Sushma’s health improved but baby Devanshi was just 1.5 kgs when born. After the mother and the baby got discharged, Sushma regularly brought her daughter to Asha’s well-baby clinic and got her vaccinated against 10 preventable diseases. Asha’s community health volunteers continuously monitored the growth of the child, providing vitamin supplements. Women’s Association of Trilokpuri provided blankets for the family to get through the harsh winters.

Today, more than sixteen months later, beautiful little Devanshi weighs 7.5 kgs , a little lesser than the ideal weight for her age but she has come a long way from meagre 1.5 kg to 7.5 kg and is progressing well under Asha’s Maternal and Child Health Programme.

Asha’s Healthcare Programme giving a new lease of life
Devanshi’s health card

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