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Blankets Distributed to the Needy

The temperature in Delhi dropped to as low as 2°C (36° F) during the last month. As many people in the slums struggled with the cold, Asha distributed blankets to help them keep warm. Most blankets were given to elderly people living alone or people from the poorest families in…
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Dr Kiran Martin’s Christmas Reflections

My dear friends, As we approach the joy of Christmas, the gifts under the tree, the lights in the windows, and the turkey dinners with family and friends, we are reminded of the fulfillment of the promise of God, his son Jesus, who dispels all darkness and is the everlasting…
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Asha Celebrates Christmas

In the past week, Asha has been organizing Christmas celebrations at our resource centres in different slums. The celebrations comprised of song and dance performances by Asha children’s group members and the attendees were community members, women’s groups, CHVs and Asha college students. For the kids, the highlight of the…
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Counselling Sessions for Class XII Students

With the final exams for class XII students approaching in March, the students from the slums can struggle with exam stress. To help them through this, Asha recently organised workshops on time management and study preparation at our centres in the slums. In these sessions students were told how to…
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Teams from the UK and Ireland visit Asha

The last month has been very busy at Asha, with four different teams from parts of Ireland and the UK visiting and volunteering with us. From school students to builders to doctors, the teams came from all ages and backgrounds, and did a wide variety of work during their time…
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Dr Martin delivers the Greeley Lecture at Harvard University

On April 13th, Dr Martin delivered the distinguished Greeley Lecture at the Centre for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School at Harvard University. In her lecture, entitled ‘Beyond Distinction, Beyond Difference: Transforming Lives in the slums of Delhi’, she recounted the success Asha has had in reducing poverty through grassroots community…
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