Providing a ray of hope to the women of Asha

Providing a ray of hope to the women of Asha

“Ten years of my association with Asha has provided me with beautiful gifts in form of my children, my life,” says 27-year-old Pooja- a resident of Asha’s Tigri slum community and a member of Asha’s Mahila Mandal.

She has given birth to an identical pair of twins (sons).

Married at an early age, Pooja became a mother of two daughters while she was barely capable to look after herself. Sumit, Pooja’s husband, works as a caretaker in NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) and earns a sum of ₹ 15000 ($ 210.81/£161.78) per month. In a family of 13, Pooja and Sumit strive hard to make the ends meet. When Pooja conceived for the third time, there was a reluctance for her to continue the pregnancy.

When she consulted a Doctor at Asha Polyclinic, the doctor advised against the termination of the pregnancy since she was at a high risk for she was carrying twins.

Within a few weeks, Pooja started suffering from breathing issues. An Asha team member again took her to the Asha Polyclinic where she was diagnosed with Respiratory tract infection (RTI) with anaemia. Asha team made sure that she registers herself for delivery at a government hospital. When the children were born, they were found to be under-weight.

But Asha never left Pooja alone. “Initially, I was scared of taking care of both the babies at the same time for I was suffering from severe weakness. But my extended family (Asha) helped me understand the know-how of nurturing twins. The right method of breastfeeding and nourishment for my children; they taught me well,” waves off Pooja.

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