There is always another HOPE

There is always another HOPE
“I had started thinking that I would never be able to become a mother,” said Manju, caressing her baby-bump.
Having two consecutive miscarriages in the 8 years of marriage traumatized Manju for years. But with Asha standing by her side, now Manju is 7 months pregnant and healthy.
Working as a labourer, Raj Mangal (Manju’s spouse) withdraws a minuscule salary of ₹ 5000/ $ 68.20/ £ 52.13 per month which merely helps their ends meet. He originally hails from Azamgarh city of Uttar Pradesh. But due to the deteriorating economic conditions, he had to migrate to Asha’s Mayapuri slum, Delhi, some twenty years ago. Raj wedded Manju in the year 2010 but could not bring her here due to no proper accommodation.
Manju conceived twice but had miscarriages after two months of pregnancy each time, which her in-laws acknowledged terribly. They started abusing and calling her names for being childless. It was when Raj decided to bring distraught Manju with him.
Manju, hopeless by the time, came in contact with Asha in the year 2017. Asha gynaecologist vaccinated her for about two months. Currently, 30-year-old Manju is in her third trimester of pregnancy. This time, with the assistance from Asha, Manju has turned not only optimistic but happy. Both Raj and Manju are busy making their little shanty child-friendly these days. And everyone around is awaiting the celebrations with bated breath.
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