Abha: Redefining the success

Abha: Redefining the success

Nineteen years old Abha is a bright and confident girl who aspires to be a journalist. She resides in
Asha’s Punjabi Bagh Slum Community with her parents and two siblings. Her father works as a
multitasker daily wage labour at shoemaking company. He manages to fetch INR 8000 ($ 114.77/ £
88.37) per month.

Abha’s inclination to be a part of Asha’s children association grew stronger when she saw her elder
sister and other kids studying and playing together in the centre. Since then Asha and 'education'
became an integral part of her family. She received INR 700 ($10.04/ £ 7.71) from government
school at the age of 9. She was the first one to receive the scholarship in school. This inspired her so
much that she always excelled in her examination and won many such scholarships.

Abha is a brilliant student and scored 82% in her High School examination. With the help of Asha,
she is now pursuing B.A. (Prog.) from a renowned Ram Lal Anand College of Delhi University. She
talks about how much she wants to become a journalist and change society. Her hopes may not
seem to be very different from many children her age but what makes her stand out is that she is
not only an excellent scholar and an all-rounder but also an ardent believer of Asha Values. In her
spare time, she teaches dedicatedly to younger kids to pay it forward.

The little amount her father makes, barely fulfil the needs of the family. Thus, Abha wants to pay her
academic fees on her own for which she has started giving tuitions to younger students. Also, she
has won many cash prizes in the college debates. With the help of the Asha team, she opened a bank
account where she has made a small saving.

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