Asha turns 30: Inauguration of a Physiotherapy unit and a Preschool

Asha turns 30: Inauguration of a Physiotherapy unit and a Preschool

Asha’s 30th-year-anniversary celebration witnessed some wonderful events happening in the presence of our friends, supporters, trustees, board and coordinators of Friends of Asha, Great Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia who got together from around the world.

One of the highlights of the celebratory week was the inauguration of the state of the art physiotherapy centre at the Asha headquarters and a preschool called ‘Starlight Room’, in Ekta Vihar slum colony on the 9th of February.

New physiotherapy unit at Asha polyclinic.

Long-time Asha supporter, Mr David Adney, Dr Kiran Martin and Chairman -Board of Asha, Mr Ivan Powar inaugurated the physiotherapy unit in the presence of friends and supporters of Asha, which was shifted from Ekta Vihar slum colony to the polyclinic. This initiative was taken to bring all the facilities under one roof  and add an extra niche to the polyclinic.

The Physiotherapy Unit

The consultation with a physiotherapist is one-on-one, beginning with an initial assessment, expert evaluation and initial treatment, followed by a therapy plan to set goals and mobilise patients to get back on their daily routine, so they can live their life to the fullest.

After this, the guests were led to Ekta Vihar slum colony, where the trustee of Friends of Asha, Great Britain, Ms Amanda Clegg, Dr Kiran Martin and Chairman, Board of Asha, Mr Ivan Powar inaugurated the preschool for the slum children. A brain-child of Dr Kiran and Asha volunteer, Heather Brown was a treat for the eyes. The happy faces of the children brought instant joy to the entire gathering.

The beautifully decorated “Starlight Room”

In this beautifully decorated ‘’Starlight Room’’, children were seen beaming with joy while enjoying various activities. Each kid got engrossed with the colours, shapes and letters painted on the walls of the room.

The children are busy playing in the newly inaugurated Starlight Room.

This place is made keeping in mind that the children will first develop a relationship with learning. Children in the slums colonies generally spend most of their time on the small pavements as their parents cannot afford to send them to playschools. But, every child has a right to a blissful life and it all starts right at the kindergarten. This initiative added a new line of thought for the slum residents.

Helen Finch helping a child with Pictionary.

A special thank you to all for being a part of this initiative!

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