Batch-II of Student Ambassador Programme

Batch-II of Student Ambassador Programme

On March 11, 2016 Dr Kiran convened the first meeting of a new batch of Asha Student Ambassadors at her residence. The group is made up of 25 students from slum colonies across Delhi. Dr Kiran congratulated them for being selected as Ambassadors and discussed their core responsibilities. The meeting was also attended by some of the senior Student Ambassadors from the first batch.


Dr Kiran discussing the core responsibilities of an Ambassador

Dr Kiran motivated the students to step up as community representatives and spread awareness about the importance of higher education and career choices. The Student Ambassadors resolved to work extremely hard for the upcoming university admissions of younger students from their communities.


The students sharing their future plans with Dr Kiran

The students shared their dreams and future aspirations. Dr Kiran encouraged them to explore more avenues as per their interest. The senior students also shared their stories and experiences in the meeting. As they have been working diligently as Ambassadors as well as excelling in their respective careers, their real life stories were truly inspirational for the fresh batch.

With the new batch of Ambassadors all geared up to help their younger peers, the hopes are high for the University admissions this year.


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