Celebration Of 30 Years In Asha’s Slum Communities

Celebration Of 30 Years In Asha’s Slum Communities

Asha’s 30 years of celebration brought together people from different countries. It gave each one an opportunity to witness for themselves the change they have been supporting over the years. Our work at the grassroots is what 30 years is for us and this celebration would be incomplete without the slum celebrations.

Kanak Durga community members and Asha staff starting a celebration with a song

Our global Friends of Asha from Great Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia made sure to be a part of the slum celebrations that took place in our communities. They travelled to our communities in Chanderpuri, Kanak Durga, Mayapuri, Peeragarhi, Kalkaji and Kusumpur Pahari.

Friends and supporters of Asha (Great Britain) receiving a warm welcome Asha’s Chanderpuri slum community

What was special in each community was the same spirit of the celebrations carried by both young and old. From hand drawing the banners of 30th year logo to children dressing up for their performances for the guests, it indeed was worth the visit for our guests. Children, women and students confidently shared their stories and thanked the guests for their love and support. Our guests also had the opportunity to visit homes in the slum communities and witness the change for themselves. They interacted with the families and were inspired by their determination and zeal to better their lives. The interactions between our guests and community members left a lasting impression on both.

We thank our friends and supporters for travelling all the way to India to be a part of Asha’s milestone and making this so memorable.

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