Dr. Kiran & Asha family bids adieu to Simon O’ Connor

Dr. Kiran & Asha family bids adieu to Simon O’ Connor

On the sunny afternoon of November 29, 2018, Dr. Kiran Martin along with the Asha team and students hosted a farewell to bid adieu to Simon O’ Connor at Kanak Durga slum community.

Earnest supporters of Asha’s work, Mr. Simon O’Connor, Second Secretary to Australian High Commission, is leaving India soon after completing his four-year tenure. While his time in India, Mr. Simon has been enthusiastically involved in Asha’s Internship and Mentorship programme, which has opened different avenues for our students.

Dr. Kiran talked at length about the long association between the Australian High Commission and Asha, expressing her gratitude for their support. She also applauded the students who have recently secured admission to colleges, saying “The University of Delhi is India’s succeeding University and it’s an achievement for Asha as maximum Asha students have secured a seat in Delhi University”.

Dr. Kiran and Simon O' Connor on a visit around the slum

Dr. Kiran and Simon O’ Connor on a visit around the slum

Mr. Simon in his speech expressed happiness in being a part of Asha’s family and applauded the students for their achievements despite their challenging backgrounds.

‘Asha provides the fuel for the future generation. Education continues to happen and go along decades’’, shared Mr. Simon. “You are at the verge of starting your career and will be working soon. Networking is very important. Asha provides you that networking to grow. In twenty million people in Delhi, Asha is one of your networks. Everybody in this room is a network. Do not lose touch with Asha” added Simon.

He was amazed to hear the story of Asha Ambassador Ravinder who secured a job in the world’s best company Grant Thornton. Many Asha students also shared their Asha experience to which Simon said, “Be punctual, be on time and respect everyone.”

Simon sharing his experience with the Asha students

Simon sharing his experience with the Asha students

“I am happy to have connected to Asha and its beautiful people. It’s an inspiration for what Asha is doing. Thank you for taking out time for me. You (Asha slum children and Asha family) motivates me’’, expressed Simon in his goodbye speech.

The wonderful afternoon ended with the informal conversations between the students and the guest over small bites.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Simon for his unwavering support and commitment and wish him the great success in his future postings. Asha values this wonderful relationship with him and Australian High Commission and hope that our bond may grow stronger.

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