Important message from Asha

The Asha Team wishes to inform you about an important development that we think you should be aware of. We had an employee by the name of Anurag Mishra who abandoned his service without any prior information or hand over of his responsibilities.

Asha sent him a legal notice to comply with the terms and conditions of his contract failing which legal action would be initiated against him. In response to this, he has posted articles on the internet and various social media, maligning the image of the organisation.

He is not only publishing these lies in his own name, but has also changed his name to ‘Anurag Paul’ who is one of our existing employees. He is sending Facebook friend requests in the name of Anurag Paul. He has been warned by Asha employees regarding his actions. Appropriate legal action has been initiated against him by Asha.

We would like to caution you about these messages. Please get in touch with a member of the Asha Team at for any queries you might have.

Thank you.

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