My Experiences in Trilokpuri Slum

My Experiences in Trilokpuri Slum

Education is transformation – that’s what I’ve seen so clearly, teaching English to children in Trilokpuri slum, Delhi. What’s more is that Asha’s students know this too and are fantastically keen to learn. I have been so privileged to help them increase their knowledge and confidence in English and we had so much fun along the way!

I ventured across Delhi to Trilokpuri slum with some trepidation on my first day – would I be a good teacher? How could I manage the language barrier? Would I cope in the summer heat? Thankfully, I was greeted with overwhelming kindness by the Asha staff and met a wonderful bunch of children. Their enthusiasm was infectious and made my classes so enjoyable. They helped explain things to each other, taught me about cricket and even did their best to keep everyone cool!

Spending time in the slums was always interesting and I saw so many new things every day. From childhood immunisations and baby clinics to Women’s group meetings and the work of Community Health Volunteers, I quickly felt part of the team. It was such a pleasure to be invited into the children’s homes and see how they and their families live in the slums.

What amazed me most about the young people I met was their sheer ambition.  The College students I taught have plans to become teachers and civil servants;  the younger children dream of following them to university too. English is the key to making so much of this possible and I hope more volunteers will come and see them improve further. I hope what I’ve been able to teach in this short time will help these children in their future – they’ve totally inspired me – and they gain the success they fully deserve.


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