Women’s day in Asha slums

Asha has always believed women to be the greatest asset in slum communities. With continued support from Asha, today the women from the slums are able to stand up for their rights and take charge of their lives to ensure a healthy and happy future for their families.

To celebrate their hard work and achievements, Asha organised various events at different slums throughout the week preceding International Women’s Day on March 8th and invited various local leaders and officials to honour the women from the slums.

DAB-1Above: Women’s representative addressing the gathering in Dr. Ambedkar slum colony

At Dr Ambedkar Basti, Mrs. Barkha Shukla Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly from R.K. Puram area presided over the event organised for the women from Kanak Durga and Dr. Ambedkar slum colonies. She was impressed to note the levels of empowerment the women in the slums have achieved. While addressing those present, members of the women’s group from the slum talked about how they are now able to tackle their own problems.

DAB-2Above: Mrs. Barkha Shukla Singh addressing the women from slums

In 2011-12, the women’s groups across all Asha slums held nearly 300 meetings in government offices to get basic amenities for their slum colonies. The result of this can be seen in installation of 41 tube-wells, over 800 taps, 30 new garbage bins and over 400 sanitation drives in the slums.

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