A surprise gift to fulfill Sonam’s wish

A surprise gift to fulfill Sonam’s wish

The youngsters in the slums wish to delve into the intricacies of computer education. It not only helps them to know better about the world affairs but also helps them secure better jobs.

Sonam from Asha’s Chanderpuri community is no different. She is currently pursuing Hindi Honours from Daulat Ram College. A bright and meticulous girl who grabbed an opportunity to intern with the New Zealand High Commission this summer.

Sonam always dreamt to own a laptop but it seemed a distant dream till yesterday. Seeing her passion to learn and grow, Dr. Kiran Martin surprised her with a gift she is holding very happily.

Sonam is ecstatic to have received the laptop and is grateful to Dr. Kiran Martin for being so thoughtful towards her needs.

Through our campaign ‘’Your Laptop, Their Knowledge’’, which we started early this year, we are hoping to raise enough laptops, so that many more students can have access to one.

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