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Asha is my solace, it is my hope: Kajal

Asha is my solace, it is my hope: Kajal

Kajal, a diligent girl from Dr. Ambedkar slum colony, faced tremendous challenges, yet she stood strong. Many people in her circumstances would have given up. But this young woman took up every challenge that came her way and turned them into opportunities. Below is her journey in her own words.

“When I was two years old, my father left us. My mother remarried, and my stepfather didn’t accept me. Each day, I felt unwanted and unworthy. I questioned my own existence.
One day, my mother told me to go and live with my grandparents because she couldn’t bear to see me suffer. But life at my grandparents’ home wasn’t a bed of roses either. They asked me to leave as well. I was standing alone on the road, scared and hurt. Tears kept rolling down my face. I asked myself, could it get any worse? The belief that I was worthy of a better life kept me going.

That is when Asha came in my life as my comforter. I was amazed to meet so many caring people who made me feel worthy and loved. Today, whatever I am, I owe it to Asha. I never dreamt of finishing school, let alone going to University. But today I have graduated as one of the ‘toppers’ with a B.Com Honours degree from Delhi University. I feel proud to be an Asha Ambassador, responsible for shaping youngsters in my colony for a better future. Presently, I am working as a Process Associate with a US service firm, Genpact.

Last year, I lost my stepfather. I forgave him as he needed peace in his last moments and I couldn’t deny him that. I continue to support my family. My wish is to give my mother a home and this dream pushes me to walk an extra mile every-day.”