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Asha Mahila Mandal in Seelampur transform their community

Asha Mahila Mandal in Seelampur transform their community

Dr Kiran: ‘I received great joy from being welcomed with love and warmth by the residents of Seelampur.

As I walked along the main road inside the slum towards the Asha Centre, I saw the huge difference the covering of the large open drain had made. The open drain was always filled with sewerage and solid waste, and was the source of diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, malaria, dengue, hepatitis, and a host of other illnesses. The Asha Mahila Mandal in the community deserves full credit for this major task accomplished; getting an open drain covered after years of perseverance.

They have also got the huge open garbage disposal site at the entrance to the slum covered, and the garbage inside is now mechanically disposed of.

Congratulations to the Seelampur Mahila Mandal for these remarkable achievements. They are truly empowered to transform their communities.’

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