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From Desolation to Hope: Tera’s Journey with Asha’s Love and Care

From Desolation to Hope: Tera’s Journey with Asha’s Love and Care

Residing in Kanak Durga Camp for twenty-five years, Tera, an elderly eighty-year-old, experienced a sorrowful twist of fate. Once a labourer at construction sites, his existence took a tragic turn when his sons succumbed to the clutches of alcohol, leaving him shattered. His beloved wife followed in their footsteps as if fate’s cruelty knew no bounds, leaving Tera all alone. With his daughters married and distant, he found solace only in the monotonous rhythm of daily chores—cooking and washing clothes—while hunger gnawed at his weakened frame.

During the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown, Tera had nothing to do and no food to eat. His life became even more challenging as there was insufficient money to buy food. During this difficult time, Asha staff and Govardhani, a Community Health Volunteer (CHV), reached out to him and offered assistance. They provided her with daily rations, vitamin supplements, and medicines. Although he is unemployed and lives with one of his daughters, she can only offer him one meal daily. Asha has become a ray of hope for Tera. He has been included in the ‘love and lunch’ geriatric feeding programme, where he discovered solace in freshly prepared, wholesome meals with genuine care. As he shared these moments with fellow elders, their companionship acted as a balm for his lonely heart, soothing the wounds of trauma. Asha also provides medical care, which significantly improves her medical condition.

Tera is incredibly grateful to the Asha team for finding him in time and saving his life. This experience has instilled in him a positive attitude towards the ups and downs he has faced within his family, despite losing his loved ones.