Future teachers intern at Asha

Future teachers intern at Asha

We were delighted to have twenty-six students of Bachelor’s in Education (B. Ed) from Lady Irwin College to intern at Asha. Having a specialized background of teaching, these girls got the opportunity to work with children of various age groups. Their enthusiasm made the entire teaching-learning process a wonderful experience for the Asha students.

Each intern won the heart of the children by teaching them English, making beautiful art and crafts out of waste, embroideries, doing street plays, talent shows, fireless cooking, singing songs and poetry which revolved around the Asha values. They together celebrated Father’s Day and Environment Day by decorating their respective centres beautifully and involved the children in various fun-filled activities.

When asked about their overall experience with the children, one of the interns shared, “ASHA the name itself signifies hope, we Lady Irwin Interns also came with a lot of hope and aspirations and with great satisfaction I can assure we all are content and happy to be a part of this organisation. Being future teachers, the work that we did here with ASHA members, with students, and with slum dwellers enhanced our overall learning and development. We all got great insight, and this proved to be lifelong learning for us that we will cherish for long and try to spread it in our own way. I personally became very diligent, aware and more empathetic towards the people in general now, we all applaud and greatly appreciate the work that ASHA is doing for upliftment and changing the lives of slum dwellers.”

Asha appreciates and thanks to the interns for the quality time.


Here are a few glimpses:



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