Great Britain team volunteers at Asha

Great Britain team volunteers at Asha

We were delighted to host 2 groups of health and other professionals from Great Britain who volunteered at Asha’s Zakhira and Mayapuri Community from 22nd October to 1st November.


The first group was led by Dr. David Finch, Chairman of Friends of Asha, Great Britain. This group consisted of 6 members in which the Doctors observed the Hypertension and Diabetes clinic at the Asha slum centre and provided nutrition and physical health counselling. While the students thoroughly enjoyed interacting and learning more about Asha students pursuing their degrees and the members of Bal Mandal and Mahila Mandal as well.

The team was surprised to view various challenges that slum dwellers face every day and were highly inspired by the slum dwellers positivity and dreams to better their lives with the assistance of education and Asha.

The second group was led by Dr. Richard Hogben, Coordinator of Friends of Asha, Great Britain. This group had a total of 12 members who observed Maternal and Pre-Natal Care clinic at the Asha slum centre. This enthusiastic team created some amazing memories with the children of Zakhira slum community through various fun activities. Asha’s children’s and women’s group thoroughly enjoyed craft activities such as colouring and making friendship bands along with the entire team.


This big team brought in new and wonderful energy at the community centres by entertaining the children through enacting stories that spoke about the importance of Asha Values. The slum children enjoyed themselves highly with the team’s performances. Ana, a Dentist, took multiple sessions on oral hygiene at both the slum centres. She taught women and children the correct way of brushing and shared pointers on how to take care of your teeth. They gifted each participant a toothbrush and toothpaste and conducted a practical session for all, the children were ecstatic to go home with their new and colourful toothbrushes.

“I am amazed by how everybody looks after everybody in this community. There is so much care and a huge sense of respect for one another. With the time spent with these wonderful children I feel a sense of belonging” said Ana. Ana further quoted, “Life for these children is extremely difficult yet they are infectiously positive and hopeful. How they feel about themselves and their situation has changed me as a person.”

We thank our friends from Great Britain for spending their time teaching useful skills and creating memories with Asha’s children and women. We hope this has been an equally interesting and memorable experience for them as well.

We look forward to yet another eventful visit from all of you!

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