Hard work, perseverance and hope defines Sunita

Hard work, perseverance and hope defines Sunita

Getting married at a young age of 19, soon after High School was the last thing she wanted. Sunita never had any idea of slums before she moved to Tigri colony in South Delhi. Her husband back then did not have a job.

Sunita’s excitement of starting a new family settled in fast seeing the colony poverty-stricken and filled with diseases. “I still remember how bad it was. There was no concept of hygiene or family planning”. After a year of getting married, she became a mother to a baby girl. But did not have enough money to support the family. She has seen days where she had to fight hard to keep her family from falling apart. “There were days when my family could not afford even a single mattress”, recalls Sunita.

She was timid initially but then she shrugged off her hesitancy and started visiting the new centre of Asha in 1990.In no time she bagged a job with her perseverance. “I love my job at Asha, the stories of the women and students keep me going. It never feels like an obligation”, says Sunita.

“My only dream is to retire by 50 to enjoy my life. I have educated my children and now it is their discretion what they want to do with their lives. From sleeping on an empty stomach to be able to spend money on the thing I appreciate, I think I have come a long way”, Sunita’s eyes brighten up as she talks about her life.

“The best thing that I learned from Asha is self-esteem. Be it scorching heat or harsh cold, I never mind the weather. All I know is if you work hard with all your honesty, you will get the result”, signs off a proud Sunita.

Today, she is the Team Leader in Tigri. A woman who has never bowed down no matter how difficult the situation was, Sunita is an example of sheer hard work, perseverance and hope.

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