Karan: Striking it big against odds

Karan: Striking it big against odds

“I was born in great poverty to parents who lived in Asha’s Jeevan Nagar slum community. I live in a small shanty with my parents and two younger siblings. My father is daily wage labourer and manages to earn INR 8000 ($ 114.77/ £ 88.37) per month. I expected my life to follow the familiar path of other boys in my neighbourhood – a path that would lead to limited opportunities for the future.

Things changed for me when I was in Grade 6. I don’t even remember when I got involved in the wrong company, but I realised it the day I failed in my class exams. I was devastated by the result and planned to quit studies. The incident was a turning point in my life as I had never felt so ashamed of myself as I felt that day.

I saw my mother actively involved in Asha’s work. Soon I started accompanying her to the beautiful Asha centre. I could not believe my eyes that within this slum community we have such a beautiful place. This is when I joined Asha’s Bal Mandal (Children Association). I started enjoying spending time at the centre. Asha taught me to evolve from a shy timid boy to a student determined to realise my potential and fulfil my dreams.

To the surprise of all, I topped my school ever since then. Recently, in my school-leaving exams, I secured 92%. I felt so proud when my principal felicitated me in front of the whole school. I have also successfully secured a seat in Dayal Singh College of Delhi University. All these beautiful moments came in my life because of Asha. I am heartfully thankful to Asha family” said Karan.

Eighteen-year-old Karan has now evolved into a mature, positive and inspiring teenager who is now gearing up to study Bachelor of Arts and determines to be an Indian Army officer. Along with that, he is a wonderful Asha Ambassador who believes in giving back to his society and helping his own communities.

Karan’s determination from high school to University in such circumstances is extraordinary.

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