Long-time supporters, Dr. Praveen and Nalini Prasad visit Asha

Long-time supporters, Dr. Praveen and Nalini Prasad visit Asha

Asha’s long-time supporters in Sacramento USA, Dr. Praveen and Nalini Prasad and their friend TJ visited Asha in January for two days. Dr. Nalini spearheads Asha’s fundraiser in Sacramento for the last many years.

To witness the life in the slum first-hand they spent their two days in the Asha’s Chanderpuri Slum Community. From interacting with the members of Bal Mandal (Children’s Association), Mahila Mandal (Women’s Association) and Asha students to visiting their homes understanding their perspective towards life. The Asha students shared accounts of their experiences at University and the exposure they got during their internship. They talked about the challenges they have faced in their lives, and how Asha is continuing to help them to become ‘change-makers’ in their own community.

On the second day, they held an interactive workshop with the Mahila Mandal where Dr. Nalini shared her own story and importance of a girl child. While TJ took a session with the Asha students where he spoke about the importance of meditation leading to mental peace and positivity in life.

They also visited a slum community that is situated on the riverbed of Yamuna. It was overwhelming for them to observe the great level of contrast among the two communities – from a developed slum where Asha has been working for over three decades to an area where the intervention has just begun.



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