Psycho-Social Clinics in Asha Slum Communities

Psycho-Social Clinics in Asha Slum Communities

Slums dwellers usually suffer from insecurity and poorer access to basic services. Thus, they are at high risk of having a common mental disorder like depression, anxiety, psychosomatic problems. They are also prone to various addiction.  Most of them are not even aware of their mental condition and do not avail any treatment.

Among the slum dweller, adolescences are more prone to mental turmoil due to material deprivation and social vulnerability. As well as substance abuse and addiction can act as triggers of mental illnesses. Perceiving the impact of mental health Asha has initiated a counselling programme wherein mental health screening and counselling is being provided.

Some of the cases who are being benefited from the clinic are:

Shubham (name changed to protect privacy) during the counselling session

Shubham (name changed) during the counselling session

Shubham (name changed to protect privacy), a 19-year-old dropped -out from school because of an accident which left him devasted. He injured his leg so badly that he cannot walk without the help of stick even after 3 years. He had to leave school, and this affected his social skills and interactions. He preferred to be alone.

Rohit (name changed) with his mother

Rohit (name changed) with his mother

Rohit (name changed), 14- year -old, dropped out from his school because he got involved in the wrong company and became a drug abuser. He started stealing to quench his needs. The family also left him because of his habits.

Both the cases are being regularly counselled and we hope that they will return to their normal life with regular counselling rehabilitating care.

Asha hopes with this initiative we can reach the unreached.

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