Team from Holywood, Northern Ireland visits Asha

Team from Holywood, Northern Ireland visits Asha

It was a week of fun and frolic for the Zakhira and Peeragarhi slum community when a team from Holywood, Northern Ireland visited Asha. From 2nd to 9th March 2020, the team of seven, led by Rev Gareth Harron volunteered at Asha, bringing excitement and joy in the lives of women and children. The team organised various activities such as storytelling music and dance sessions and playing educational games with children youth and women. The team also spent time with the members of the Women Association and were amazed to hear their journeys. Women also enjoyed doing activities like Bracelet making, and colouring.

The team also undertook home visits to the community, accompanied by the Asha team, where they observed the slum conditions and the challenges of living in such circumstances.

On the final day, the Asha team and children, youth and Mahila Mandal expressed gratitude by organising lunch and cutting gratitude cake.

“It was a fantastic experience volunteering at Asha. We were shown such kindness and were warmly welcomed with flower garlands and petals into the Zakhira slum community. We all really enjoyed volunteering at Asha. It was an inevitable fun-filled week that we will treasure forever,” said Gareth.

A big thank you, team, for taking out the time for our slum communities. We look forward to seeing you all again soon with another journey of love and affection with Asha and its people.

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