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“Dr Kiran is like a mother, a great teacher, a real well-wisher, and a lovely friend”.-Asha Ambassador Sarnya

“Dr Kiran is like a mother, a great teacher, a real well-wisher, and a lovely friend”.-Asha Ambassador Sarnya


Hello to everyone,

First of all I would like to welcome you all on this wonderful occasion of celebrating 30 years of Asha.

I am Sarnya Juli Muthu and I have just completed my graduation in a Bachelors of Arts Programme from one of Delhi’s top colleges. I live in Kusumpur Pahadi slum colony. I belong to a family of 6 members. My father is an ordinary cook, and he is the only source of income in our family. My parents have always wanted us to study, but due to financial problems, they were not able to fulfill our needs.

I still remember those days when my father lost his job, and for 6 months there was no money to run our family. At that time, my mom, my sister and I, used to stitch artificial stones on clothes and earn Rs. 30-40 per day. We just had Rs. 3000-4000 per month to run our family.

I never used to play with any friends as I had to work as well as do the household chores. It was very difficult to study.

One day an Asha team member called Pushpa came to my home and motivated me to join Asha. She said to me that it would change my life. To be honest, really it has totally changed my life.

Without Asha’s financial support and other kinds of support, I would have never been able to go to college.

In college, I used to be very shy and just used to focus on my studies, because the other students were from a very high background and I was not able to get close to them. But after some time, I changed a lot.

While I was in college I found a course on Mutual Funds and I was very interested to join it, but again due to financial problems my parents were not able to support me. It was my Asha family that came forward and paid for the entire course.

I received a wonderful opportunity to do two internships, one at New Zealand High Commission and another at Macquarie. Thank you so much Suzanna mam and Sandeep Sir, I can never forget your role in my life. I am happy to tell you that I got a second opportunity to work at Macquarie for a short period of time and that is where I am these days. Thank you so much Priya mam for being such a good mentor to me, and for helping and supporting me to perform well.

To be honest, I had never seen or used a Laptop in my life, but today I have my own office Laptop that I work on. Seeing all this, my parents feel very proud of me.

You won’t believe that I was the girl who never spoke a single word before anyone, neither in English nor in Hindi. Today I can speak before all of you with confidence.

Being an Asha Ambassador I have helped two other students to get admission in my college, and many other students for entry in other colleges.

I want to say that Dr. Kiran is my role model. She is the only lady who pulls students from down to raise them up. She is like a mother, a great teacher, a real well-wisher, and a lovely friend.

Thank you to each and every Asha supporter present here. Without your help, we would have been nowhere in life. We will always remember your care and concern for us, and we pray to God for your good health and happiness always.

Thank you.