Young adults from the slums achieving their dreams

Young adults from the slums achieving their dreams

On Sunday 25th January, 19 of the most active and motivated Asha student ambassadors gathered at Dr Kiran’s residence to discuss their dreams, achievements and challenges. As these young people strive to help others in their communities, they are also grappling with their own professional lives and how to break free from the cycle of poverty they were born into. Over three hours, the students discussed their concerns while Dr Kiran and older students suggested solutions. It has been encouraging to observe how these students, using each internship and mentorship opportunity available to them, have been fast growing into responsible adults.

Dr Kiran committed to being personally involved in their ongoing professional journey: “You are like my own children and I will do everything that I can to ensure that you flourish. All you need to do is to continue working hard,” she promised. At the meeting, the students were also appointed as team leaders for student ambassadors in their respective communities. Each of them will be responsible for keeping records of High School and college students, holding fortnightly meetings with them and helping them prepare for examinations. They will also be helping university students to prepare for the upcoming summer internships.

With their own motivation and hard work, and the firm support of Dr Kiran, these young adults will be sure to live their dreams and finally move out of poverty.

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